Contract Agreement

Contract for the provision of Hypnotherapy sessions by JW Therapy, Hypnotherapist

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Your therapist will be James Williamson.

This contract details the terms and conditions of our work together, in line with the professional standards required by the National Hypnotherapy Society and Chrysalis Courses.

I am currently working towards the Chrysalis Diploma in Hypnotherapy & Introduction to Counselling Skills and as such am a Student Member of the National Hypnotherapy Society. This is the only hypnotherapy organisation to hold an accredited register approved by the Professional Standards Authority, this ensures a high standard of service and an accrediting body through which complaints can be followed up in the unfortunate event that a client wishes to complain.

I follow the National Hypnotherapy Society’s Code of Ethical Practice, which sets out the fundamental principles of ethical practice and sets clear professional standards for all members to follow. This protects clients’ best interests and ensures that therapists do not make promises they can’t keep or practise beyond their level of training and competence. The Code of Ethics can be accessed online via JW Therapy can provide a printed copy of the code of ethics at request.

Confidentiality and Data Protection: As per the Code of Ethics set out by the National Hypnotherapy Society, strict confidentiality must be maintained in all circumstances with particular circumstances under which either: 

There are circumstances under which a client’s case must be discussed. Therapists are expected to undergo supervision, during which caseloads are discussed. During supervision, the client’s details will be anonymised for the purpose of the discussion. The client will not be identifiable. All client information is stored securely in line with the National Hypnotherapy Society’s Code of Ethical Practice and the General Data Protection Act (2018).All handwritten records are locked away when not in use, stored within a lockable storage container in a secure property. Electronic devices such as laptops and tablets are password/code protected and also securely locked away when not in use. In the event the client chooses not to proceed, all sensitive personal data will be deleted. 

All scripts are the intellectual property of James Williamson and can be used for online posts with the permission of the client.

Location of sessions: The Code of Ethics requires that premises are suitable for hypnotherapy and my home includes a clean, covid-safe, private and confidential space with a comfortable couch so you can safely relax without being interrupted. Should the client prefer a virtual session online, JW Therapy follows guidelines for safe online practice, which include having an agreed procedure in place to deal with unexpected technological disruption and an appropriate emergency procedure in place should you need support from a close contact or the emergency services.

Concerns and complaints: Honest feedback is of vital importance to JW Therapy, and in the event a client has any concerns, feedback and the raising of concerns is vital to the ongoing success of the business. Whilst JW Therapy would encourage that any complaints are passed directly to the therapist in the hope they can be dealt with internally,  we recognise that there are occasions under which this is not possible. In this event, please pass complaints to the National Hypnotherapy Society, where there is guidance on how to make a complaint online at

The National Hypnotherapy Society maintains an accredited register of therapists who are fit to practise and the Society will advise any clients who remain dissatisfied with the service provided on how to make a Formal Complaint, which can result in judgements about the member’s fitness to practise and ultimately, their removal from the accredited register.


Clients can call or text to cancel and rearrange sessions on the phone number provided upon agreement of treatment plan. 24 hours’ notice is necessary for the rearrangement of sessions, and a surcharge of 50% towards the original session will be invoiced. If financial hardship is leading to challenges making payments, discussion with the therapist is strongly encouraged to see if any arrangements can be made.

Clients taking advantage of the payment plan option will, in the event of withdrawal from arrangement, be charged at £50 for sessions that have been used and refunded the remainder of their upfront payment. Again, discussion with the therapist on this is strongly encouraged to check in on any arrangements that can be made.

You have the right at any point to withdraw from the treatment plan we have agreed and as a trainee, I would appreciate honest feedback.

Contact between sessions:

For any queries, please contact james@jwtherapy.