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[column size=”1″][box box_color=”#313e72″ title=”Waxing”]Using the finest cream and hot waxing products we are able to remove that unwanted hair from your body. From Brazilian to eyebrows and everything in-between we use tried and tested methods to take away that hair issue as gently and pain free as possible.

legs festive

  • Half Leg  £15.00
  • Full leg £25.00
  • Eyebrow/lip/chin £9.00
  • Underarm £10.00
  • Chest/back £18.00
  • Bikini £10.00
  • Extended bikini £15.00
  • Brazilian £25.00
  • Hollywood £28.00

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[column size=”1″][box box_color=”#313e72″ title=”Eye Treatments”]Your eyes are thought of as the window to your soul, and if you want people to have a wide eyed view of your inner thoughts then why not make sure your peepers are in tip top condition. We are able to offer not only eyebrow shaping and waxing but also eyelash treatments including tinting, Indivdual eyelash extensions and Party lashes. Make sure your eyes make an impression with a treatment by JWTherapyjw eye large

  • Eyebrow shaping £9.00
  • Eyebrow tinting £7.00
  • Eyelash tinting £15.00
  • Individual eyelash extensions £55.00
  • Eyelash infills from £20.00
  • Eyelash/brow tint & shape £25.00
  • Party lashes £10.00
  • Weekend lashes £20.00

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 [column size=”1″][box box_color=”#313e72″ title=”White to Brown Spray Tanning”]A healthy glow is key to body confidence and wellbeing. If you want to have a just back from holiday skin colour then you will need the services of a professional. Using high quality White to Brown tanning products and a great technique we can warm up your skin, even on the coldest of British winters!white to brown image


  • Manual Tanning £35.00                 (inc of exfoliation & moisturise)
  • Full Body spray £25.00
  • Half body £16.00




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[column size=”1″][box box_color=”#313e72″ title=”Nails”]Nail treatments are a popular choice for those looking for a pick me up, pamper treat. JW Therapy are able to offer a wide range of nail enhancements using some of the most popular brands within the market. Brisa Gel & Acrylic Gel and Acrylic nails that offer superior flexibility and durability. These are popular for those who are looking to extend their own nails and want them to last for some time. Brisa gel extension nails

  • Full set extensions £25.00
  • Clear Brisa Gel overlays £18.00
  • Removal £12 (removal free with new set)

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JWT Shellac Colours Shellac nails are non chipping, long lasting and high shine leaving your own nails looking elegant, sleek and very strong! and lasting up to 3 to 4 weeks.

  • Manicure £15.00
  • Pedicure £15.00
  • Removal £10.00

Removal free of charge with new set


RockStar/Twinkle Toes/Minx foilsGlitter nails You can also choose to have Rockstar Nails where you will have the benefits of Shellac with a lovely touch of colour glitter. When it comes to beauty the feet should never be ignored and if you want toes that really stand out for themselves then Twinkletoes treatments are the one for you.

  • Manicure £15.00
  • Pedicure £15.00
  • Nail Accessory up to £5.00 per nail
  • Minx foils £12.00



CND (Creative nail design) Creative Nail Design and Nail Fashion are some of the biggest requests that nail technicians receive.

20131018_113748 We are able to bring to you not only CND, which bring your nails to life offering you the chance to express yourself with your hands.

  • Luxury Manicure £22.00
  • Luxury Pedicure £25.00
  • File & Polish £12.00

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